by Sean Quinn

I wanted to make a space to share more deeply about my inspirations to form this company, and my intentions to honor my family. I had started to write this first post as the "About" page, but quickly realized that it was becoming too much of a novel to post there. Future posts will share about goals and share more stories.


The term "Quinning" surfaced in my family's house circa 2011, following the famous Charlie Sheen interviews of the time. Unlike the interview, Quinning stuck around as a battle cry for my family: success or failure, if you were hustling, you were Quinning.

carl and sean quinn

My dad, Carl, and I shared a deep interest (one may call it an obsession) with all things coffee, especially if some form of engineering or nerdery was involved. Before leaving for college, I helped him select his espresso machine, and we perfected our shot-pulling techniques together. 3 years of barista work later, I would give him tips while we showed each other the latest gadgets and overkill techniques we'd each found.

I graduated and began working, quickly realizing how much coffee I drank, and how high my standards had been set, so I began ordering green coffee and roasting it in a cast iron skillet, stirring with a whisk, in order to save money. Results were varied, but I came to find out that my dad had begun roasting his own beans as well! We began exchanging bean suggestions and roasting technique tips. Dad got a Gene Cafe, and I iterated my way through modified popcorn poppers on my way to DIY flour sifter and heat gun monstrosities.

My Dad's roasting journey was tragically cut short in March 2020 when he passed away from COVID-19 complications, and I made the call to pursue coffee roasting as a career instead of a side hustle. Tawny and I moved into a home with a garage and shop so that I could renovate it into a roastery. We put in a lot of sweat equity to renovate the shop, but it is now home to a Coffee Crafters' Artisan 3e (automated with a Hermetheus Co-pilot), Bunn GVH-1, and our green bean inventory.

We are so excited to finally launch this venture and see how far things go! Thank you so much for your interest in our coffee, we truly appreciate your passion and continued support.